What did I learn after writing 10 blog posts in 4 days?

The last 4 days have been tough. My partner and I are pulling off a writing rally. We each gave the other 10 topics that fits the themes of our respective blogs. There were no other guidelines or rules except that we had to churn out the 10 blog posts in 2 days.

Today is the 4th day, and this is my last blog post for the writing rally.

We didn’t do this so that we could work hard or make a repository or stay focused. We did it to figure out if we could keep writing for as long as it took. The topics that we wrote on were both research and intuition based, so there was reading that you had to do and then there was a lot of thinking to be done.

I am writing to share my 5 learnings on writing that I have picked up from this writing rally.

1. Don’t edit while you are writing. It’s foolhardy honestly. The first draft should always flow from the mind or the heart, whichever you use while writing. Don’t backspace too much, don’t think too much, just write.

It’s the first draft- don’t stake your life on it.

2. Proofread like your life depended on it. The alphabet on the keyboard is placed pretty close together. If could become of. Keyboard could become keyborad. Kill could become Jill and so on. It takes away the fun if you chance upon such misspelled ill- intentioned words in the midst of wonderful writing.

3. If your writing isn’t logical, then of course you aren’t writing logically. But then while writing how do you figure out if you are logical or not? Well you don’t. I leave my blogs or articles or chapters overnight to stew in their own words. The next morning, when I read through them, I make corrections, change entire paragraphs, organise it better and then send it out before I get too attached to it.

4. Research and gather yourself before you start writing. Put your points together at the top of the page and then start fleshing it out. Research during the writing hampers your thought process, you aren’t able to form independent thoughts. At best what you write then will only be superficial data gathering and your first level opinions. Don’t go down that road.

5. Continue writing even when you feel that your imagination is stuck. World class excellence doesn’t come to those who play when they feel like. It is about teaching yourself to write through hell or high water. You might constantly feel that you aren’t giving it your best, or that you are probably hoping and not working. Don’t sweat it.

Don’t stop writing.

My word count at the end of the blog rally stands at 7460 words.

And just one last thing- if you are a writer, and you don’t take writing seriously, in all likelihood you are not a writer.

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  1. Only this morning I was asking my sister if I am taking this writing thing too seriously, for I am ignoring my prior commitments to myself in order to write and obsess about what I am writing. I am going to take that last sentence as a response. Lovely read.


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