3 ways to ace SEO Creative Writing for a great content marketing process.

My tryst with SEO writing began in 2012. During my post graduation, I wanted to make some money on the side. I have always been a writer, so I thought of monetising that skill. I was new to the world of SEO though.

My employer would give me links to articles that she would want re- written with certain keywords. On the side she would also give me some SEO writing tips – every keyword had to feature at least a said number of times in the article.

I wrote on everything from debt relief to industrial boilers to wedding photographers to tips for saving money at departmental stores. I was enjoying the SEO writing some bit.

It shut down my creative creation side and brought out my creative curation side.

Never before had I refurbished published articles to create absolutely new articles.

That is my belief till today. You can’t write unless you have the ability to be creative about what you are saying. SEO writing gives it a slightly more challenging playing field, which means you have to be more creative than usual.

SEO driven writing ensures that the people who you are writing for find your content. It’s simple. It’s a win win for both the writer and the content marketer. However, in order to ace the game of  SEO creative writing, here’s what you can do:

1. When you share the laundry list of SEO keywords, factor in the writer’s skill. The aim is to get good quality content consistently without too much rework. If you think the writer is hesitant about using certain SEO keywords, or worried if they can change the tenses of the keywords, give it a thought. Else ask them to decide which of the SEO keywords they can use without sacrificing their creative process.

And yes- don’t forget to use your primary keyword in the title. It’s unforgivable.

2. Ensure that the content is written logically. The idea is to prolong the visitor’s stay on the site. It doesn’t necessarily mean long articles or posts. It means that your posts flow logically, are well structured, have a beginning, middle and end (doesn’t have to be in that order) and generally factor in some sort of storytelling.

3. Source SEO keywords from reliable tools. There are many applications and websites that help with this- Infinite Suggest, SEMRUSH, SEORCH, KPARSER. Use the tool that gives you ranks to the keywords too. Using a keyword just once doesn’t do you any favours. The right keyword should be used at least 3 times on that page.

While writing this blog post on SEO creative writing, I did do a keyword search on Infinite Suggest. The keywords that it threw up are in bold throughout this article. I haven’t compromised my creativity or my storytelling to bring you this side of the story. By now you’ve probably figured out the primary keyword too.

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