How can I customise the same piece of content for different social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube?

Gary Vaynerchuk says that content is non- negotiable to be at the top of your game. Especially if you are looking at social media for the long term. He says that to make a mark, one needs to put up at least 100 pieces of content every day.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.08.20 PMHe’s at the top of the content game and that’s precisely why what he has to say is worth a listen.

But this blog post is for us mere mortals. People who are single handedly running their content ventures and at best with another person. As one person or a two person team, 100 pieces of content per day is an uphill battle. What you read below are some hacks that can ensure that you extend the lifetime of one piece of your content.

1. Twitter: Write a tiny sentence that talks about your brand/ your offering/ what you do for the customers. If it’s a personal brand thing, write an incident- as sharply as you can. Then Tweet it.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.03.48 PM

2. Instagram: Take a snapshot of what you just tweeted. With your in app editor cut the corners and only keep the text. Make sure your twitter handle is visible and publish it on insta with the relevant hashtags and such.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.04.09 PM

3. Facebook: Use the same image that you used on Insta, but be cute about it. Write a story around it, or just use some emoticons that will drive home the point. Facebook also has the feeling/ thinking options- go on and use them.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.04.35 PM

4. YouTube: Upload videos on YouTube. This is the simple part of it. Write some bit in the description and publish.

Then publish the same video “natively” on LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter- take your pick. Don’t share the YouTube link across platforms. Non native links generate much lesser traction. Be smart about it.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.16.25 PM

This is a video that I published natively on LinkedIn.  [screen shot taken at an inopportune moment]. The same video can be found natively uploaded on my Twitter handle too along with many others.

5. Quora: Any blog post or article that you publish on LinkedIn or on your website can be published on Quora. Look for the right categories and just do a basic search of the questions that fit your answer best and publish. It has over 300 million monthly users, and is a good way to get noticed. Especially if you think you aren’t getting noticed enough. 

As you engage on these platforms, you will figure out your own hacks too- like the days on which you get the best traction, the best time for you, what kind of content works and so on. The biggest hack is to just keep working it consistently.


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  1. I’m an avid GaryVee follower too and the way you condensed his advice into such a readable piece is great. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Dry Waters says:

      My Pleasure Stuart! 🙂


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