The FOUR biggest fears that I overcame as an entrepreneur

To do better and to be better, one most consciously has to be aware of what’s working well for them. What are the good parts of what you are doing? It’s because without doubt, there will be a ton of things that you aren’t doing right or doing well.

Don’t focus on the NOTs, and focus on what’s working well.

As I began writing on my greatest fears as an entrepreneur- I drew a blank. I thought hard, and I realised that there were phases to the fear.

  1. When I quit my job to make it out on my own, my worry was not being paid enough for the value that I put on the table. Pricing was a huge challenge. But it is only after having it done wrong so many times, that I know now that it is the only way of getting it right.
  2. Once the pricing and value for money challenge abated, I was worried about not having as much knowledge as the next guy selling similar services. It was the fear of the unknown, because everyday something new would show up and I wouldn’t know all about it. I began to be honest and say “I don’t know about it yet. But if it fits your business context, I will definitely look it up”. Knowledge only comes to you when are honest about what you don’t know. So there.
  3. Then came the fear of bringing on more resources and committing to more expenses. Every expense that we made- we wanted it to be neutralised by the money that we made. It is later that we realised that money rarely tells you the value of anything. Irrespective of how much money you commit to business, if you see value in it, you should go ahead and play that card.

That said, the greatest fear that we’ve overcome is that of losing clients. Sometimes losing clients is the best way to shed baggage that’s tying you down. Earlier every client loss was a personal pain point, now we know that they are growing pains. When you don’t find commensurate value in working with a client, as much as you’ve put on the table, it is best to let that go.

That also is one of the hallmarks of being an entrepreneur- letting go and resetting. The luxury to have that choice is probably one of the first things that made you embrace entrepreneurship. Don’t fear that choice. Own it.

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