How can entrepreneurs tell stories about their brands?

I was talking to one of my mentors the other day and she said – “It is all about people. All the marketing and advertising that you want to do, it is never about the product, it is always about the people!

We know that don’t we? But yet, when it comes to “creating awareness” about our products and services, we don’t see it in the context of the consumer. We create stories about how “awesome” the product is. Instead what we should talk about is “how it will help you live the best version of your life!”

Ok. That’s a tall order. But as an entrepreneur seeking to attract new business, to get more market share, sharing stories is the best way to get people to notice you.

Make it personal.

I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times. But with make it personal, what I am gunning for is make it “authentic”.

Share stories that are yours. It is a privilege to read what’s going on in the lives of others. It gives people hope that this is not the end. On my LinkedIn network, I have shared stories about battling a speech defect as a kid, falling in love with chocolates and my life in Saudi Arabia and then the culture shock of moving to India and so on.

You are wondering probably, what do I sell?

We are a content solutions firms. What you pay for is the storytelling.

So when people read our posts, we aren’t trying to show what amazing emails or articles or posts we can write, rather, we are showing them that our stories and content are thoughtful and thought provoking.

Our content makes the difference between add to cart and proceed to payment. Reading our stories makes you feel the real things.

What we are trying to do- nudging you towards us, so that you give us the honour of wording your life stories beautifully.

Don’t do blatant selling.

I understand the Call to Action logic. I really do. You want people to read something, and then reach out to you for collaborations or for business. That’s great. Just mention this somewhere they will see  it. Like say on your Instagram Bio- if you are doing Insta content. And LEAVE it at that.

And you know what, go ahead and promote your posts. Promote 3-4 posts every week on your Insta handle.

But when you push a sale on every post, or share your contact info, it loses all traction. I genuinely believe that through your content, you should “give”. You need to give consumers a view of what it is like to associate themselves with your brand.

Tell them the stories, share the real failures and successes that you’ve had.

You remember that the last time that you wanted to buy something or connect with a brand, you found their contact info quite easily on Google. If they want you, they will reach out to you. Use content and stories to create a rapport and to build a relationship, not to push a sale.

Over determine their reach to you

Don’t tell your stories on only one medium.

It is great that you are consistent with your blogging. Maybe it’s time now to pick up another medium too. Share small snippets of your blog on LinkedIn. Or share the essence of a piece of your content on Twitter. On create a tiny graphic using one of the free design tools like Canva and share on Instagram and Facebook.

There are free versions of Buffer where you can add multiple accounts and share your content across all your channels without having to go at it personally every time.

Every “logistical” challenge that you think of, will have a tech solution.

Just think how else you can ensure that they come across all the amazing content and stories that you are putting out.

We blog on WordPress and share it through our Facebook and Twitter handles.

We publish 4 times a week on Insta.

We post 4 times a week on LinkedIn.


When you start with sharing stories, there might very little or no traction. There’s just so much great content out there in any case. But what wins hands down is consistency!

Keep at it everyday, and if not in 21 Days, then in 90 Days you will start seeing needle movement. Every person who reaches out to you in the midst of all this- you’ve started a sales cycle with them. Now just keep telling your great stories to them and give it all you have.

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