What’s your definition of a perfect world?

In a perfect world, things would happen to my liking, to my tastes and to my sensibilities. And I call it perfect because I understand that they are not likely to happen that way.

So here’s what I will settle for.

  • Books to read. Concepts and abstractions to wonder about.
  • Notebooks to jot down my thoughts.
  • A laptop to draft the occasional novel.
  • Very few close relationships.
  • The sound of waves crashing over each other or the sun peeking out from behind majestic mountains.
  • Healthy soulful food and conversations.
  • The sound of children laughing.
  • A quaint house with room for those who live there and in our hearts for everybody’s needs.
  • A reliable internet connection to stay connected to civilization.
  • Fun and healthy neighbours.

I think that works for my perfect world.

Every step that we take today, we take in an effort to come as close as we can to our definition of a perfect world. From times immemorial, our world has been constrained to the four walls that we lived in.

With every passing generation, we aspire to add one more room, or one more roof to our perfect worlds.

And suddenly you listen to people telling you that when they retire, they’d like a shack in Goa, lots of fish, beer and sunshine. That’s their perfect world.

When you think of a world beyond what is instagrammable, and which isn’t selfie driven, which is not derived, but original– I believe you come closer to your understanding of yourself.

And if your perfect world, is Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat, there be no shame in it. Only 30 years of back breaking effort.

So don’t settle for what another thought before you. Don’t feel obliged to live their definitions. Understand what your heart and mind need, and then feel free to go create your prefect world!

Because if perfection could be defined- it wouldn’t be half as perfect!

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