If good habits are so good for us, why don’t they stick?

Often enough times we don’t even know we are operating based on assumptions. They are so intrinsic, intuitive and pathological that they resonate with clear logic to us. We have all been conditioned a certain way as a result of our upbringing. That upbringing has tinted the world in a certain way. We operate on those conditions, we assume that the rest of the world does too.

But oft times, it is not so.

When we undergo emotional turmoils, we strive to put ourselves back together. We try to pack our schedule with good habits. We exercise, eat clean, read more, cut down on Netflix, or watch only educational things, we spend time with family, only for it to dwindle out.

Do you know why good habits, in-spite of being good for us don’t stick?

When we go through troubling times, instead of working through the troubles, we start working the distractions. All the habits that you picked up, no matter how good, were just distractions. And then when your troubles cease, or the pain numbs, or you heal, the good habits drop off your calendar. That’s because what got them started doesn’t exist anymore. But you assumed that since they were good habits, and they were making you healthier and smarter, they’d stick.

Not really.

It all really boils down to intent. And that is where assumption starts talking to you. If your intent was to recover the best parts of your life while working through the issues that troubled you, the good habits would have stuck. But if the habits were picked up so that you wouldn’t have time to work through issues- there, that’s your problem. 

What habits did you pick up to run away from yourself? They probably didn’t stick, once your thoughts got unstuck.

When habits don’t stick in spite of the best of intentions- it is best to start questioning the intention in play. The why of why are you investing in this habit. You’ve always assumed that if it is universally good (working out is, eating clean is), then you will take to it like a fish to water- nothing could be farther from the truth.

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