Does spiritual awareness make you more of yourself?

The most enduring qualities that we discover of ourselves, we are only made aware of when we have passed the most rigorous tests set by the Universe.

We have called to God enough and more times when in need, in pain, and sometimes God has deigned to answer. And other times, there has been silence. That is also an answer. And it is for those answers we should be more grateful than for the ones we heard.

When the Gods don’t answer you, you are forced to look to yourself for answers. That is the best way of stretching yourself into becoming who you one day will be. You don’t see it yet, but your higher power has big plans for you. And this test is crucial to determining that you succeed at later stages, when it matters more.

When everything is going well- when you have the perfect family, the best job, as much money, as many books to read, in it’s own subtle way, the Universe and your higher power conspire to test you yet again. Fret not, because this will prepare you for the next rung. Having lounged in certainty and stability for some time, you might have forgotten what struggle feels like and this will be a reminder to that. No I don’t mean that you have to wait for the other shoe to drop, but also that you need to be mindful of your spiritual progress yourself.

If you take care of it yourself, the universe flows with you and you with it. The bumps are nothing but minor quizzes.

Is it that easy?


Is that why people defer to religion, to scripture when they are undecided?


In your conversations with God or a higher power, do you invoke them or invite them to a discussion using your religious tradition or do you speak plainly?

Speak plainly most like it.

In the most trying times, it is tough to remember traditions. Much less of religion.

As we go through life and its tribulations and its joys, we can’t see it but it is onward on the path to being spiritually self aware. With my passing years, I have come to believe in the law of attraction.

I have lived enough to take stock at times and I know that what I have attracted into my life have been things that I have feared at a conscious and subconscious level.

The universe doesn’t understand negativity, so when you fear something with such gusto, the universe only reads your passion for it and brings you to it.

And when you are in a constant state of want, when you are striving for something with a mad person’s energy, the universe does all it can to keep it away from you, to keep you in that state of ravage energy, so that you keep doing more.

What’s the solution? God? Religion? Meditation?

Perhaps the solution is stillness. Be still.

Become aware of your thoughts, become aware of your fears and why you fear some things. Become aware of what you want and why you want something. Become painfully self aware and then let the universe work for you.

Your awareness attracts to you what you need the most. Your awareness makes you more of who you are.

Your awareness makes you believe in your innate capacity for joy, gratitude, kindness and generosity. And it is then that the Universe decides to focus all its energies on bringing to you what will make you whole.

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