Breaking yourself… Open

What I feel for you hides within my unguarded thoughts.. 

My guarded thoughts have become wiser with time.. 


The walls aren’t to keep you out, 

They only serve to keep me together.. 


When you think I am closely observing you, 

I am only looking at how I am moving into  yet another story.. 


For every time that my heart has broken,

And then found its way back through new journeys,

For each of the tiny shards that go missing with each break, 

The love that flows next serves to smoothen all those edges.. 


You will probably never understand the madness with which I love, 

But you will feel the desire of everything that I have grown into.. 


Every story,

Every act of love,

Every touch of grief and pain, 

Has only made me a better lover.. 

More eager to love than before.. 

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