Faith… a long way away from Home

Judge all you want,

But that woman who doesn’t want to birth her own,

Feeds the stray dogs around her apartment.


That man who maintains a spic and span apartment,

Has been brought up in squalor all his life.

So judge his minimalistic life.

Judge all you want.


That woman with the hijab and the man with the skull cap,

She’s going to be a teacher and he’s going to join the armed forces.

So while they will get to play a part in building tomorrow,

You judge all you want.


You are the dad who can’t stop calling his daughter to check if she’s home or not,

You are also the dad who can’t stop worrying about his son being wrongfully framed at work for alleged sexual harassment,

You are the parents who can’t help but marvel that humans find a way to twist even those laws that work in their favour.

Judge. Don’t stop.


You look up at the sky marvelling how far you and her have come,

But you also worry when she’s constantly texting someone that you don’t know of yet,

Our capacity to trust unconditionally, has been conditioned to keep asking for proof.

Judge. Don’t stop.


You don’t visit places of worship,

God doesn’t reside there anymore.

Only your conditions and assumptions do.

Only your version of what that higher power should be like.


Faith is on sabbatical.

Or just a long way away from home.

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