How do you touch me without using your hands?

There is somebody out there who wants to be with me

I can feel it in the way he looks at me

The way he tries to hold my hand

The way he ruffles my hair 

Or how he kisses me on the forehead.


But I don’t remember any longer 

What falling in love means.


He makes me laugh, doesn’t make me cry 

He asks me what I want in life, doesn’t question it 

He tells me we can be great partners, doesn’t tell me that we will grow into it

He looks towards the future, doesn’t look back at my past 

He wants me to trust him, and trusts me with all his heart. 


When did I become so cynical of life?

For how long will I let past relationships define future opportunities? 

What if you really don’t fall in love once, 

But multiple times over one lifetime, 

With every phase having a different partner, a different lover, a new best friend.


What’s so wrong with asking for what we truly deserve?

Why do we choose to stay with people who make us question what we want?

Why stay with those who make us question who we are?


At the end of a long day at work, 

Love is a warm meal, shared banter, a glass of wine, and blanket cuddles.

At the end of a gruelling workout,

Love is sharing your proteins and black coffee with somebody who wants to chug his beer. 

At the end of a fight with your parents, 

Love is you being hugged by your partner, no questions asked. 

At the end of a bad bad day, 

Love is just talking about it to that person. 


Why do we mystify love so much? 

Isn’t all of it already magic? 

Does it have to be magical to be true. 

Does it have to be true to be magical.

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