Of heart breaks 💔

This time

There was no sound..

It broke noiselessly.

It wasn’t accompanied by the night time bouts of tears and hiccups,

There were no blinding migraines the next morning,

Nor the lump in the throat.

This time it was noiseless.

There were full echoes of the past in her head,

There was some ache,

There was mostly a deafening silence.

And there was loss.

She couldn’t figure out how she was here again,

At this part of the woods where she had promised she wouldn’t venture again.

How is the human heart so unafraid and the mind so fickle..

How is it that when the heart breaks again and again,

That it learns to absorb more than before,

Even another’s resentment,

Even more than one’s share of pain.

Cracks and breaks should limit the capacity, is it not?

When the heart breaks, why does it only expand to hold more?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dry Waters says:

    Hi Sarika 🙂
    Those times have long gone. People have moved on. Happy that you have love in your life ❤️ exactly how you want it.


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