One of the Good Days..

It was one of the good days. She woke to him nuzzling her neck, whispering sorry for what he had said yesterday. She teared up and he kissed them away. All forgiven and forgotten.

They stayed in bed late, him talking about one of his students who just refused to look at his books and was forever disrupting class. From the way he said it, he loved this kid! His crazy antics but he said it with an air of pretence exasperation, like how he would really want the kid to just shut up and study. She told him of the new book that she was reading and how it was making her feel all warm and gooey inside, it was the story of a teenager starting life afresh with her family in Alaska. She went on to tell him about how as parents sometimes they ruined lives in the name of love but that was also what forged characters of steel in their children. She told him how conflicted she felt when she read things like this.

For once, after a very long time, they listened to each other. It felt like home, after a very very long time.

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