Disproportionately YOURS..

You have all my pics

Even the ones that I am tempted to hide

I don’t know why you collect mine!

You can see the dark circles

The double chin

The open pores

The growing eyebrows

The smudged Kajal

And you ask for close ups!

Then you say “Wow”!

I can’t find anything wow like there, but you can.

Maybe it’s just how you look at me

Maybe it’s just your eyes

I do find myself pretty

But never thought someone else would too

I am confident enough to know what to wear and how to carry them

But never thought someone would get my style too

Is this what you mean when you say “I love you”?

Or is this just another one of those things that make you you.

And then there’s this warm fuzzy feeling that I feel when I think of you

That threatens to overpower all reason and logic

Your tiny jibes hurt me so bad! It’s so disproportionate that it’s not fair to both you and I

And your little bit of love, leaves me breathless

Is this love? This disproportionate impact?

And then

You finally call me and say

Why the fuck weren’t you answering your phone

And then immediately calm down when I say i was talking to mom

This disproportionate insecurity that you feel, is this love?

Are you afraid that “I” will never call you back?

I want to tell you,

That in this,

You have all the power.

But then the power of love is what I am counting on.

I think I am falling in love.

Image: Pinterest

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