Walls- only keep you in

Sad eyes on happy faces,

So much hunger in round tummies,

That thirst on wet lips,

Driving by yourself in a long long car,

Unlocking the door to a huge huge apartment,

Curling up on the couch,

To look at others do the same.

Something is wrong somewhere.

When did we start being so scared to get hurt?

That we shut ourselves in.

Featured Image: Water Colour sketch by Malavika Datar


Infinitely Finite – Us

There is no shame in asking for help

There is no shame in asking “silly” questions

There is no shame in not knowing what to do all the time.

It is shameful though-

If you choose to ignore a plea for help,

If you laugh at a question to which you clearly think you know the answer

If you think you always know everything.

You can’t.

We. Us. Humans.

In all our wisdom. We are infinitely finite.

We can’t possibly know everything there is to know or do or feel or think.

That’s why there are so many of us.

To make us parts of a whole.

To make us whole.

Listen, ask, spill, talk, cry, hug, listen.

Be human. Unapologetically.

Relationships are so much work.

Relationships are so much work.

You’ve got to listen

To understand

To care

To speak with love

And then do it all over again.

In between all that,

There are those “I am crazy about you” moments.

When you feel that this. This is what the universe had been planning for you.

That kiss. That hug. That command. That look. The warmth. The tears. The feeling of filling up.

When you look them in the eye, straddle them, take their face in your hands and with every fibre say “I love you”.

But relationships are a lot of work.

To feel that love, the relationship needs effort. And it’s not an inanimate thing.

By relationship, I mean you.

It’s for you, by you and from you.

All that love.

Did you wake up like this?

Did you wake up like this this?

Was skinny jeans and crop tops really your thing?

That mascara and ruby red, is that really you?

Or are you hidden behind the cellulite

That beautiful bountiful heart of yours

When it goes out to another who’s being judged for fat arms

But stays silent because only then she will become stronger

Stronger so that she can take what’s thrown at her

Not fitter

Just thick skinned

Everytime that you don’t stand up for another

You are letting something continue

Something that hurt you deep

Cut you raw

And you ended up in the skinny jeans.