For those who think they are difficult to love

After decades of being with others;

You find someone who’s deeper than you,

Someone who doesn’t try to-

Tame you;

Take you;

Sober you;

Indulge you;

Slow you;

Calm you.

Someone who only understands you,

Someone who loves your parts and your whole,

Someone one melts into a puddle when you love them,

Someone who stands stoic when you wrong them,

Somebody who doesn’t leave through the maze of pain and tears and said unsaid words,

Somebody who stays to listen and to understand,

Somebody who understands that their words carry weight with you,

Somebody who says they won’t hurt you and then don’t hurt you.

If you have felt you are difficult to love,

If you love being yourself too much,

Once in your lifetime you will meet somebody,

Who will love inspite of all the difficulties,

Who will tell you there’s so much more to you than what you’ve discovered yourself.

Someone who will discover you with you. And what they only need is You. Entirely.

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