Let’s Fall in Love- Just not Today (Conclusion)

The first part of the story can be read at: https://drywaters.blog/2018/08/21/lets-fall-in-love-just-not-today-part-i/

She was clutching her shorts tight. Very unannounced a single tear rolled down her cheek. He came just a breath closer and whispered “talk to me”.

Her hands went to his chest. He winced lightly. She moved back, mortified. I didn’t mean to hurt you, she said.

Then don’t.

Talk to me.

Are you ok?

I am not dying anytime soon. I am clear to move about. The wounds will heal with time.

He came closer still. Just an inch away from her nose now.

What do you feel for me?

I don’t want to mess this up.

Mess what up?

This. This thing that we have. This absolute comfort to talk about things, to get work done, to understand how we roll and not judge.

Why would you mess that up? Why would anything that you do mess that up?

Because I could get comfortable with always having you around, always relying on you and always having my back.

He pulled her hand to his chest and held it there.

So do you know that for 3 seconds during the surgery my heartbeat stopped?

I have come this close to death and you want to play games about not relying on me. You haven’t responded to me in the last 3 days and I am the one that’s unreliable?

He got up to leave.

She rose on the bed on her knees. Don’t go please.

He turned around to face her.

She buried her head in the space between his shoulder and neck. His fragrance was strong. Like she was inhaling him. His uninjured arm was around her, holding her steady.

The waterworks began.

Don’t die on me. Don’t leave me. Don’t stop just because it becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable. I am sorry for the last few days. I was trying to protect myself.

Do you mean you love me?

She could see the ghost of a grin begin to form around his lips.

She nodded and then he hugged her like never before.

It was almost as if their atoms were merging together. Like they were fused as one.

There. Now they could never leave one another.


3 Secrets to Customer Loyalty

Generating trust with the customer and user is a difficult activity, and more so when what you are selling isn’t something that can be quantified. In conversation with another strengths coach, where we were debating the pros and cons of the first meeting with prospects, I realised first hand that there are two types of trust in every sales situation- a one-time trust and an enduring trust.

On a sales pitch to a prospect, here is what goes down:

Option One: You have a clear conversation with the coachee and their sponsor to understand their expectations from the coaching engagement. You set expectations right then and there for the same. If something doesn’t fall under the purview of the engagement or the methodology, then so be it. You also make it a point to highlight what is a part of the methodology and what changes that will bring. Transparency starts from there.

Option Two: You have separate conversations with the coachee and the sponsor. Hear them out separately. Draw up a win- win objective for both and then communicate it separately to both. The idea is to avoid any unnecessary drama that’s to be expected with disagreements between sponsor and coachee on the coaching objectives. In this option, you also have a unique opportunity to pitch your services to each party based on what they expect out of the engagement. Things that both parties vehemently disagree about can be left in the grey.

The first option is you building trust as a coach, based solely on your expertise of the subject matter and the coaching methodology.

The second option is you practicing your selling skills, based on your experience of what a prospect wants to hear rather than what’s the true offering of the process.

In their own way, for a one time engagement, both options could yield success. But in the face of repeat engagements that enhance the customer’s lifetime value, the second option falls short.

What yields repeat business?

  1. Delivery on promise: Consistency in what you’ve promised and what gets delivered is the first condition for repeat business. Trust plays a key role in getting you repeat engagement.
  2. Consistency across channels: A positive Omni channel experience earns you repeat business. Right from the sales person to the coach to the meeting co-ordinator, if the sponsor and coachee get the same experience, it makes for assured trust tokens for future business.
  3. Customer Delight: This doesn’t only translate to going the extra mile and throwing in an extra session, but rather what valuable information are you giving away for free. For example, all the content marketing that you do on strengths and your coaching methodology giving them insights into successes and case studies helps build trust in your methods.

Last but not the least; small talk wins you big budgets! Being skilled in the art of conversation, beyond your service offerings makes you an interesting person to talk to. There’s a takeaway from every conversation.

Ace these and you are well on the road to generating repeat business.

5 Life Lessons that Weight Training Taught Me

The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow.


Earlier this year when I was wondering about what’s it that life’s heading to and you know what’s the destination, I decided let’s write all this down. Let me put down my personal goals and then take it from there. The first thing that I wrote was- To lose Weight.

And I stopped at that. It came back to me that for as long as I could remember that was the only 1st goal that I had had in my life. What’s worse I had never really put my all into it. So every other year that was a life goal for me.

This year, I thought- let my first goal be to take this up seriously. That’s where I stayed. I don’t have a second goal yet.

This week I enter the 19th week of my fitness routine. Yes, I have come far enough to call it a routine. The numbers from my Fitbit show that I am in the game.

So what’s the so-what of this 18 week journey?

a.       There’s still a lot that I can’t do or don’t know how to ergo Humility. Every time I lift something heavier, I become aware of how much work there is yet to be done. From doing hammer curls with 2.5kilos, today I am at 7.5 kilos. It has taken 4 months. It’s a slow Process and requires consistency and discipline. But everything worthwhile does.

b.      There’s a lot that I can do that I couldn’t have done earlier ergo Gratitude and Pride can co- exist. From not being able to do planks to doing full body pushups, I can only marvel at how strong the human mind is.

c.       There’s a lot that a few words of encouragement can do ergo Encourage. Every time my trainer says “ma’am this was a powerful workout”; I can barely wait to come back and do it all over again

d.      When you struggle, you know that subtle changes are happening ergo Self- awareness even if it may not always show. Every week my trainer ups my weights. Suddenly we are doing shrugs with 20 kilos or crunches with discs or weighted squats and every time that I struggle to keep my balance I can feel my strength.

e.      When you can’t lift to save your life, come back tomorrow ergo Don’t Give up, but know when to tap out. All that effort and you may still feel that you are up against a wall. Come back tomorrow. Try a new strategy.

Week 4 was a bad week for me. I injured my lower back doing side lifts, spent a week fretting in bed and questioning my resolution. Came back the 5th week and killed it.

18 weeks averaging 3.8 training days and 417 active minutes. It’s not great; it’s a start. I have also learnt to set bigger goals.

As you grow in your journey, you may realise that what started as the destination could be a mere by-product. Today when I feel my triceps and my calves, weight loss isn’t my destination. I know that will happen. Eventually.

But what’s more exciting is “Will I be able to do that 50kg deadlift this week?”

And if you are still thinking about joining a gym next year, trust me “even if you go for it today, you are far more capable of handling yourself than you take credit for”!

It’s time you start lifting.