Why you should absolutely watch Badhaai Ho?

Apart from the platonic reasons that it’s a very clean family movie and that there is Mr. Ayushmann Khurrana in this one and that maybe it’s so Delhi in nature that you will love it and because Ms. Sanya Malhotra sports the most amazing kurtas and jewellery, there are a few more serious ones-

  1. The Kaushik parents have a lovely relationship. Beyond the fact that they have it in them to cherish each other physically, they have a beautiful bonding. He puts his arm around her while reading her poetry, he notices when she dolls up, he sticks up for her self-respect when the boys misbehave and he is a friend to her when she needs to rant about the mother in law.

Friend, husband, father, son- Mr. Kaushik slays it! @raogajraj you rock!

And of course when he starts talking in English the moment Renee comes home! That’s all of our adorable dads, hoping to make an impression on the son’s girlfriend!

2. In this day and age of break ups and instant sex, Renee and Nakul have a sort of mature relationship. It doesn’t take her a second to walk away when he exchanges words with her mother and it doesn’t take a second to come back once he has apologised. Funnily enough, in spite of working in the same office, they maintain decorum and neither of them file a sexual harassment suit to get back at the other (just kidding, but this happens all the time you guys!).

They not only love each other but respect each other’s’ background and families.

3. That conversation that Nakul has with Renee’s mother- when he says that “I know Renee is disappointed in me. She should never have to be embarrassed about bringing me home to meet her mom”. Also at the end, he stands his ground saying that someday I hope to become something like my parents. While he didn’t wax eloquent for his lady love, his value system is clearly in place here and what’s better he had the skill to articulate it too.

4. How insanely and unapologetically human is this family!

From dealing with shame and guilt to concerns over how the older kids will behave to how the society will look at them, they are weirdly humane in the whole process. There is no over the top disrespect, the kids know their boundaries sort of and once they come around, the elder son steps in as the caregiver to his mom.

5. And how the mother in law stands for the daughter in law! Fantabulous! So while they are fighting over rocks and scissors, they are actually in a very strong relationship. Love doesn’t always need to be explicitly said so, but in the age of selfies and pouts and groupies, maybe we say it too often to make an impact. The Dadi in her rajaai and walker nails it! Ms. Surekha Sikri adds a rich layer to an otherwise nuclear family; something that most of us growing in fast paced lives don’t understand.

mel-poole-729159-unsplashAlso if this isn’t enough to get you to the Cineplex, go for Ms. Neena Gupta. An actor par excellence, elegant, beautiful and cultured! When the neighbours come over to congratulate and say that they are jealous, that one scene where she’s flushed and shy in the kitchen, that scene is to die for. Go for that scene.

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