We live in a country where you don’t discuss things like periods, sex, masturbation, condoms, tampons- you get the drift.

And you ask why I didn’t come out with it sooner? Why complain now?

Well meaning relatives become visibly uncomfortable if my tee rides up my back or my neckline plunges below the norm. The solution is – long close necked clothes.

I am groped on my way back from school. Some cyclist decides to violate my 13 year old body. So in a mini second I am transformed from a little girl going to school to somebody who’s constantly obsessing over the size of her breasts. I have been objectified even before I understand what that means.

And you ask why i didn’t come out with this sooner?

When I kiss my partner, you take it upon yourself to morally discipline me. When someone forces themselves upon me, you want me to prove it and walk you through the ordeal.

I know the casting couch exists. It’s my choice to still venture into the industry. Too bad. I should’ve known it was the norm to be violated. So basically- I can’t pursue my aspiration or do what I want to do because somebody else can’t keep it in their pants. Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

My 5 year old niece doesn’t wear skirts when she goes out to play. She wears knickers and then shorts. I am sure her mother isn’t trying to protect her from mosquito bites.

And you ask why I didn’t tell you sooner?

Tell me, what would have happened if I told you sooner?

Would you have believed me?

Would you have taught me to defend myself?

Would you have told me to keep quiet?

Would you have told me get on with life?

What would you have done?

Every time you ask me “why now?”; you reinforce why I didn’t tell you then.

Whichever gender you identify yourself with, #MeToo is inevitable. This is in first person, because if it happens to one of us, it has happened to all of us.

Start asking “WHAT NOW?”.

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