Why you should absolutely watch Badhaai Ho?

A wonderful story of the most unexpected thing happening in life and how a family grows up together to welcome the change!

#BadhaaiHo is a must watch!


We live in a country where you don’t discuss things like periods, sex, masturbation, condoms, tampons- you get the drift. And you ask why I didn’t come out with it sooner? Why complain now? Well meaning relatives become visibly uncomfortable if my tee rides up my back or my neckline plunges below the norm. The…

Parenting through Conversations

I was watching Keira Knightley’s chat on The Ellen Show. Cinderella and The Little Mermaid are banned in her household, the former because a woman shouldn’t have to wait for a rich man to rescue her and the latter because one should never give up their voice, especially not for a man.  They were but…