On the Street.

Those people that stop on the sidewalk to chat with strangers

They strike up a conversation with the tea sellers and hawkers

They smile at people getting off the bus

Or those stopping at the water cooler for a drink of water on a hot sultry day

They make faces at little kids and laugh when they smile

They are weathered with experience

Some had homes and families; others may not know how they came to be here

You see them near familiar haunts, looking very familiar and yet are strangers

These are lives that could have been, stories that could have unfolded

These are people that live on the side-lines and live like the rest of us

Spare them a thought, send them a prayer and be on your way

When they come to you for change or a penny, share a good thought and send them off

Don’t rebuke, don’t scold, don’t reprimand, don’t sneer;

Be good.




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