Same same; but Different

The cracks in the ceiling that let in the rain also let in the sunshine.

The parents that were overly restrained with you in your adolescence, become friends as you grow older.

The gym that was an uphill battle against weight evolves to a place where you challenge your strength every day.

Siblings that you couldn’t live without earlier seem suddenly very difficult to get through to.

Relationships and lovers that you couldn’t imagine life without, are but now a chapter in your life. Not the book.

Sleeping in late is the luxury that you sometimes demand of life; and at other times you are glad for a reason to wake up to.

From being afraid of being alone with yourself (lest what your mid throws up!), you crave those silent journeys in the car.

From believing that everybody’s opinion about you matters to you choosing what and who you want to matter for- you are elementally the same person.

So when you look back a few years? You see someone that is just like you but very different from you today. If that’s what you see, you may have evolved a little bit closer to what you are to become.

You can be a master piece and a work in progress- at the same time.

The point of all this, if you have read so far- “All in good time”.

Every moment on life prepares you for the point at the next bend, for the next blind spot. Inexplicably you have all the skills that you will ever need; life has a way of teaching you that. But nothing happens a moment before it’s supposed to and not a moment after.

Keep faith in that fact.

Power through on this journey, to becoming more of yourself!

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