If you Honk hard enough, even the Gods let up

I was on my way to work and courtesy Google maps chose the route that showed minimal congestion. There was a railway junction on this route and at times the boom barriers are down to let the trains pass.

I reached that place at a crucial time, the boom barriers were just coming down. To my horror, people honked at the barriers and the technicians pulled them up to let the cars pass. I was going to wait it out but then the friend I carpool with egged me on and said “I am sure they have a margin of 5- 10 minutes, let’s cross”.

I crossed and made it out safely. It was after I had covered a substantial distance that I heard the train’s siren announcing its arrival. My friend smiled, all smug and said “see we saved almost half an hour”.

Well, I couldn’t agree more.

But in a country like mine, if you honk hard enough, then maybe even death takes you another day.

This got me thinking.

There were other office goers like me on that route and it could be an eclectic mix of people that hate their jobs, some who are being investigated for some malfeasance, some who aren’t getting an increment this year, other folks who hate their bosses, still some others that love their jobs but aren’t growing anymore and so on. And they all braved death (well maybe not so melodramatic) to get to that place.

Such deliberate intentions for that pay check at the end of the month! Such single minded focus to pay EMIs and other utility bills! Such social constructs that tell people to plod through this in order to be considered successful in life!

I could be taking this a bit too far, but isn’t it worth a thought?

If you really want to go through the metaphorical boom barriers, and walk on the metaphorical shattered glass and hot coals; I hope there’s something really worthwhile at the other end. Else wouldn’t it just be a waste?

By the way- I don’t think we have boom barriers at railway junctions, at least not the ones that lie in between the city. It’s mostly a humble contraption of steel rods being lowered or pulled up physically.