How to let LinkedIn work for you?

LinkedIn is one of the strongest mediums that help you network actively. Your profile and the content that you share generate an enormous amount of trust and credibility. If you are looking to generate leads on your profile and to carve out your space, your profile is the first place that you need to visit.

Let’s jump right to it.

  • Your Profile pic by definition needs to have you in a well-lit background, preferably in colour and dressed professionally.
    A profile picture says tons about you. a poorly backlit selfie, a groupie, an old photo, pics with your pets in it and your family, or yes the convocation pic, they all say the same thing- that you really are not serious about this profile.
  • Your LinkedIn headline needs to read what you do as opposed to what you are.
    I understand that the designations are something that you have worked your whole life for; but with the fuzzy boundaries between functions and overlapping responsibilities, Vice President- Innovation doesn’t read like much.

    But if it read-  Ideator | Think Tank Incharge | OOTB Solutions specialist; maybe we are getting somewhere.

  • You see how LinkedIn keeps on telling you that for an All Star profile, you need a summary. Well, you do need a summary!
    The summary is supposed to make you leap off the page. It’s to be in first person and it should describe what you do. Put in a bulleted summary; spell out your strengths and interests, emphasize your pedagogy if it’s one in a million and just be yourself.
  • Doesn’t cost a dime to like and share
    If you like it, what’s not to click the thumbs up and re-share. LinkedIn is a community of individuals with varied interests; but the goal is the same- to stay relevant to the industry and to be visible to specific stakeholders.

    You read something that you like, just re- post it and hashtag it with your learning. Create that momentum to generate a critical mass. The Hashtag doesn’t only generate more views for what you shared, but for you too. it’s a two way street. Read more on this here-

  • Recommendations- Don’t be shy about it!
    LinkedIn has a beautiful section called Recommendations. It asks for your relationship with the person that you want a recommendation from and your position at the time that you worked together.

    You could especially get recommendations from a person for a skill that you have and practice but aren’t certified on. To ensure that they respond- write a personal note to the person.

    I trust these inputs will get you to build a more impressive LinkedIn story and help you reach out to a larger audience. I would love to hear your perspective on LinkedIn networking. For a deeper chat, feel free to reach out to me.


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