Ready to Love.. again

The tragedy isn’t that life stops without you, it is that it goes on..

Whether or not you stay to lighten my days and deepen my nights, the sun fades in and out.

It doesn’t mean that the forever and always meant nothing..

It only means that that forever has been lived..

The always deep inside your heart.

The tragedy strikes when you realise that the only way out of this-

Is through it.

Inside are the colourful memories, the sweet nothings, the forgotten messages and the innocent forwards..

Innocuous as they may all seem, each but breaks you little by little.

Till you are a whole of painfully tiny parts-

Each part sings it’s own song-

And together you resonate as one.

The way out, that’s reaching out to you..

The highway to a new place with the old you..

That’s in reach.

But there’s something that you don’t want to leave behind

It’s not him or her; they have long ago left this place behind

It’s you and how you remember yourself

It’s how you remember what made you happy through your tears and what made you sad in spite of the smiles

You will chance upon the same you in a new place; eventually

When you’ve healed enough to press the wound,

When the pain in faint but there,

When you feel it but without the tears,

When you can laugh about those times without the pangs,

When you can think back and move on.

That’s when you’ve healed and that’s when you are ready to love again..

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