It’s Okay

Probably the most oft used phrase and yet so underutilized.

Those people on your floor that you just don’t resonate with, not because they have done something to you but it’s just a feeling. And you can’t decode it.

It’s okay- you don’t need to like everybody and everybody doesn’t need to like you.

Some folks that write “mens and womens” instead of “men and women” simply tick you off.

It’s okay- English is a skill, not a reflection of your value system or your character.

You have come to a point where you think (read: not feel) that relationships aren’t your thing. You are probably done with all the match making efforts both self-“inflicted” and forced.

It’s okay- the right guy or gal may not be just around the corner, but you have added so much depth to your soul that you will make it till you chance upon the right one!

You can’t help yourself in a bookstore. You don’t just buy books; you reach into deeper recesses of the author’s mind and search for bits of you. And you have hit a space where you just can’t read anymore. But you can’t help yourself in a bookstore.

It’s okay- it takes time for those overwhelming thoughts to recede. It takes time to empty before you are ready to feel full again.

I am sure you have worked out multiple such scenarios in your head-

  • Neighbor’s laundry line dripping water onto your line
  • Friends that get a haircut worth a fortune and then tie it up
  • Others who think that wearing a chunky watch with lounge wear adds class to their personality
  • Some that wear blue with brown

And so on and so forth.

At some level, if you think of it, they are all searching for answers and that doesn’t make them bad folks. They are just people.

It’s okay is a helpful way to display compassion; unmindful compassion I believe. It’s what we sometimes don’t feel, but it makes the other person feel listened to. It portrays our humanity without overwhelming the receiver.

So If you’ve people in your life that are telling you “it’s okay”; send up a silent prayer to be grateful for these people in your life.

And if you don’t feel grateful- you know what, it’s okay.

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