That word is so not itself. The beauty with which “imperfect” describes everything so perfectly is wonderful.

  • Celebrating Women’s Day to mark that women have a special place in our lives- the most imperfect way to stand up for women
    • Celebrate women by acknowledging that they aren’t men and that doesn’t make them any less able, competent or serious
  • Increasing maternity leaves for women- the most imperfect way to ensure balance in the family ecosystem
    • Celebrate motherhood by enabling fathers to become better parents. In Padman, Pari’s father talks to Akshay Kumar and tells him “Baap banne ka asli maza to Ma banke hi aata he”/ The true joy of becoming a father is realized only when you have become the mother.
    • Ever heard of paternity leave? The mother gets 6 months and the father gets 4 days. Who do you think becomes the primary caregiver at home?
  • Creating “non- time bound” quotas for bringing women into the workforce- the most imperfect to press for progress
    • Women don’t get onto boards because of lack of executive experience. Since there’s no time limit around inducting women into the workforce, no compliance and so nothing really changes at the ground level.
    • Time bound quotas, those directed by state have a special role in transforming this imbalance.
  • Making women feel that the home doesn’t run without them – the most imperfect way of making them feel loved
    • Most women drop out of the corporate race while continuing to work because of competing priorities. Many let go off challenging assignments because the home suffers without them. A lot of people including family members doubt their commitment to family if women accept assignments that take them far from home for long periods of time.

This post is after all about how perfect that word is in itself- Imperfect.

All these imperfections strive to make a woman’s life perfect. It’s no wonder that though women top the education ladder, not many make it to the top rungs of the corporate one.

Happy Women’s Day.

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

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    1. Dry Waters says:

      Thankuuu Sadah☺️😊


  2. Imperfections has perfection in itself.
    Very well written 👍 😊

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