Find what Feels Good

When my yoga teacher is demonstrating a new pose or telling me to stretch beyond what I have done before, she says- find what feels good.

So pertinent to other facets of life too-

  • When you are worried if this job isn’t what you want to do now or ever
  • When you feel you have been moping for far too long
  • When you skipped your workout- yet again
  • When the clothes from last year don’t fit that well
  • When the healthy food that you’ve been eating isn’t what you are craving

Find what feels good.

  • Figure out what you truly enjoy doing and see if you can do a side hustle, along with your job
  • No love lasts for all time, no person remains the same till the end; find out what kind of person you’ve become and move on
  • Maybe sneak in a quick yoga practice
  • It’s time to buy new clothes! It’s time to love yourself; there’s probably more of you now or a fitter you
  • Sneak in some mayonnaise into your salad or some ghee on your parathas

Stop existing in extremities.

  • You love writing, but don’t think that it’d be good enough; start a blog, try making writing a practice. The best is always a work in progress.
  • You’ve moved on but aren’t ready to move in to a new relationship; just be in the space with you right now. It’s great feeling complete by yourself.
  • You aren’t able to exercise 6 days a week, but can you squeeze in 150 minutes during the whole week?
  • Donate the clothes that don’t fit. Stop existing in aspirational sizes; buy what fits today and what flatters you today. Don’t but a size smaller and then not be able to breathe.
  • Cheat meal once a week or cheat day once a fortnight. Don’t mark the calendar; just indulge yourself when it feels good.

You deserve to be the best version of you. All that compassion, empathy and affection that you shower on others, switch it yourself for a bit.

Find what feels good.  Daily Prompt: Restart

See how your feet hold you up and how you glow when you have that bowl of fruit every day! Define your own good.

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