#(Hashtag) your way to Discovery

Jon Favreau as Carl Casper in Chef was fabulous! This is that food truck story. Carl and his kid drive across the country, getting to know each other, learning from each other and making good food. It’s a nice movie.

But what sparked off CarI’s food truck journey was how he went viral on Twitter. What he thought would be a private conversation with the critic Ramsey, was actually a tweet and very public! It won him a lot of followers on Twitter. Along the food truck journey, Carl’s son kept tweeting about his truck, their food. They get even more followers and the rest as they say is history.

Here’s for a bit of hashtag history.

Hash tagging really took off sometime in 2007 and now it is used to cover just about anything that people talk about. Did you know that the concept of Hash tagging was first rejected and only picked up later when citizen journalists in San Diego began to tweet updates using hashtags.

So what is it about #s that drives information around the world today?

  • It makes you and your content discoverable. #MentorHer will take you to all the content that has been tagged with it on that platform (in this case, wordpress; try it)


  • #s can be used on all platforms- #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #Wordpress #Pinterest and so on. All this maximizes your reach and the shareability of your content.
    • WordPress has a special Tag section where you can put in the phrase minus the hash tag.


  • #s can be used for deploying sarcasm at its best; well one of the benefits at least for me. For instance-
    • Non- smokers accompanying smokers to smoking zones! I love this concept of solidarity. #killmealready
    • Personally I am all for sarcasm driving home the point, but in general #s can be used to set the overall tone of your message.

How can you become a part of the # culture?

  1. Keep it simple- Don’t use more than 3 hashtags on a single post. If they are used often and keep linking back to the same content, it’s spamming.
  2. Be specific and relevant- So you want to talk about #PressforProgress, state your views and maybe tag #IWD; but #WomensDay just makes it #redundant!
  3. Propel your own cause- There are so many hashtags out there that it is difficult to start off an independent conversation; so think up of creative hashtags, something that hasn’t been used before and start tweeting it or using that as a tag.

For example- #yourwaytodiscovery gives you the essence of this post.

Carl Casper turned his # journey into a successful restaurant at the end. I guess all of us may not have such romantic journeys in life; that said your journey deserves a listen.

Maybe # it!

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