Keep your Face Soft

Have you noticed how you scrunch up your nose when there’s something slimy in sight? Sometimes they happen to be people too and not just some yucky smell or some distasteful joke.

I have noticed how these expressions on our face have a mind of their own! I have caught myself rolling my eyes when it didn’t even warrant such a reaction. Not that I feel bad about it all day but it’s just something that could have been avoided, right?

So that’s where these days my yoga practice is kicking in. Keep your face soft is what my teacher keeps saying.

When in one of those poses where only one of your limbs is on the ground and the other 3 are really not where they are supposed to be, and oh! You got to be breathing too and not too hard coz you can seriously topple- she says “keep your face soft”!

So I feel that I have been unconsciously furrowing my eyebrows and pouting. No wonder I can’t breathe. But the moment I soften those lines, the breathing is easier. Just soft, not even smiling!

Maybe it’s her way of saying be kind- to yourself.

Being kind to oneself is tough. We tend to-

  1. Antagonize ourselves about over eating- Next time stop to be grateful for the food
  2. Crib over not having enough clothes- Next time be grateful for the overflowing shelves
  3. Feel guilty over missed workouts- Next time be happy for the ones you could fit in
  4. Not like the lunch that we bring from home- Next time be grateful that someone cares enough to cook and pack for you

We tend to do a lot of things. I want to go out on a limb and say “do yoga”, maybe your life will seem lighter, softer, brighter and definitely healthier.

But while you are getting there, keep your face soft.

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