Everything is holding you up

Breathe. Observe how everything else is holding you up.

I was practicing yoga today morning and my instructor said – feel the four corners of your feet. Feel how it is on the yoga mat; ensure that all of it is touching the mat.

Feel how your back is supported by the mat. Now place your hands on your stomach and breathe in. See your hand rise up in front of you as your belly expands with the breath. Now exhale. Let it all go. Close your eyes.

Let’s do this one again. Wiggle yourself a little, be comfortable and when you exhale just let go.

Her instructions were interspersed with “feel the connect”, “notice how you are supported”, “relax”.

Long after my yoga practice finished I felt connected.

In the race for getting to the next part of the day, or in the effort of getting over some sort of pain or discomfort, we barely look at what’s holding us together or what’s holding us up.

One of my ex- colleagues dropped by today. As it happens, we started connecting more as people when he was serving his notice. By the time he left, we were friends. I went to his wedding too in some remote part of the country. He just dropped by unannounced with his wife, passing through my city.

I feel grateful to have such friends. His wife seemed to take an immense liking to us, inviting us to their place over and over again.

This is one of the things that hold you up.

Remember that old WhatsApp group with your roommates from Grad School. It’s the one where you usually send forwards or some Minion jokes or meme about missing roommates.

I pinged on it today. And my roomie went on a rant about some online reward redemption agency and their “extremely fine” fine print that lets you redeem only 3 vouchers of a fixed value at one time. She wanted to buy jewellery and that tiny amount wasn’t helping.

She pinged a few hours later saying that her husband had found a loophole. She could return the vouchers, get reimbursed on her bank account. And then go onto redeem additional 3 coupons to purchase the piece that she wanted to buy. We were laughing about how the project manager couldn’t think of that particular use case.

We connected. After a long time! Another of the things that hold you up.

My yoga practice is teaching me to be grateful, to be graceful. Tug at one of the invisible threads that hold you up and feel the ripples throughout your day.

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