Up your Game- Instantly

At the heart of doing well in life and in your career, there is but one condition “that you be in the driver’s seat”. It’s fun to cruise along for a while but if you have been feeling the rut, these instant to- dos will add much needed depth to your thought process and put you right back in the driver’s seat.

  • Close loop

 It’s not fun when people keep reaching out to you over status updates. Run your own update mechanism (message/ whatsapp/ one line email/ 30 seconds call) and update concerned stakeholders periodically.

Anticipate their next question and have a response ready. So that you don’t react to the question or to the person; it’s a matter of perspective.

Why- Reactions put you in a fight or fly mode. More often than not you start resenting the person who keeps asking for updates. Take that out of the equation, communicate first.

  • Be tomorrow ready

If you don’t want to take instructions or be instructed; you need to have a cogent plan for tomorrow. That way when you are instructed, you actually have some recommendations and don’t have to just say yes and move on.

Why- This makes you engage in quality conversations and engages beyond semantics. It is a great opportunity to showcase your thought process.

  • Substantiate what you say

Data is a great addition to supposition and intuition. Data is more useful when you have a story to corroborate it; one that is actually true.

Figure out what the data is supposed to make you feel, and then choose anecdotes/ stories that are relevant to your ecosystem and will influence as per your mind-set.

Why- Data and stories provide insights that cut through the noise. It helps you start answering unasked business questions and raises the bar for others.

These will instantly change what people perceive of you and while they aren’t easy, it will enable you to change the rules of the game.

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