Rain in the Mountains

So here is a fun incident:

This was just a few days after my parents got married.

The first time that my Mom was to put together a meal for her new family. This was almost eleven people and she had never cooked for such a large number before.

Dal Tadka is a famous Indian specialty and thought it wasn’t on the menu; it was especially requested of my mom.  And it was a very last minute thing.

Hungry, excited and impatient family were clamoring for food.

For as long as I have known my mom, she has truly believed that the route to one’s heart is through the stomach. She loves getting people over and cooking for them; she’s also a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. But that wasn’t known to the family then.

It had been a while and both my mom and the dal were still in the kitchen. My dad is this jovial man and is a favourite with family members; but at that time even he was almost a stranger to my mom.

Nevertheless, he went into the kitchen to figure things out and burst out laughing almost immediately. My mom had forgotten to put the dal in the pressure cooker and everything else was cooked to perfection but the dal!

They decide to just serve what is ready. When asked about the Dal, my dad takes the blame and says, “I opened the cooker too soon, the dal didn’t cook well enough. Let’s leave it for dinner. I cant wait any longer for lunch!”

This was the beginning of my parents’ relationship, warmed them to each other. He didn’t let my mom down and over the years I have only seen the bond go stronger.

Sometimes you need to bend over, so that your partner can get a step up. That’s what makes relationships.

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