Mentor- The Clove Hitch to Success

I enjoy talking to people that are just starting out in their career.

Especially those that have passed out from B- schools; not all make it to the Big 4 or the really big ones. Some make it to smaller organizations and start at a decent pay grade.

But whatever the starting pace, the management trainees have starry eyed expectations. They come loaded with passion, ambition and emotions.

They view the organization through the lens of the B-school and all the stories that they have heard over the last two years.

What unfolds – management structures, underlying power centres, personal politics, skill gaps and expectation mismatch!

When I look back to all the sludge and struggle, the emotional havoc, the imminent failure, the well-deserved victories and sometimes the luck, I all but wish for somebody that could have told me that this was the way to grow.

This was the only fail proof way to learn – by failing and sometimes failing miserably.

What really would have helped was a mentor.

Did you know-

Employees that have mentors are twice as likely to stay with their employer for more than five years. 81% of such employees are happy with their mentor. Among employees planning to leave their employer within two years, only 61% were happy with the mentoring they received.

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