LinkedIn(g)- Boost your Possibilities

I feel it in my heart.

What do you feel, Gandalf?

I feel it in my heart that Frodo is alive.

Unfortunately Frodo didn’t have any means to keep the Fellowship updated on his progress. And even if he did, I doubt if an internet connection would work near Mordor.

That said; your situation is quite different. It’s not enough if people feel in their “heart” that you are good or doing good work. If you want to be a class apart, you need to DO class apart.

Let’s start from the basics. The first place where you check out a prospective colleague is LinkedIn.

My ex- boss would start speculating about the communication style of a person just by looking at their picture. In fact when he was teaching me the basics, we would bet on which interviewee was what style.

I have noticed that practice creep up on me.

Profile your Pic

Profile pictures on LinkedIn need to show your face, preferably on a plain background. It is great that you enjoy bungee jumping, but you hanging upside down from a rope in the middle of an abyss- Ok hang on, which profile were you applying for again? [Save these pics for the albums on Facebook]

Profile pic by definition implies that it is the photo of your face. Use a photo that shows you well groomed, smiling and make sure it’s recent [any pic older than a year needs to be changed]

Magic the Headline

  • Senior Analyst, XYZ Investments
  • EA to Director- HR, XYZ Sons and Co
  • Presales Consultant, XYZ Technologies
  • Value Investor
  • Treasury Sales at XYZ Bank

The Professional Headline on LinkedIn has a 120 character limit. This is 120 Characters to capture attention and start a conversation. Not sure any of it is happening or going to happen with the Headlines above.

What about-

Operations & Business Partnering | Proven Expertise in managing multiple High Stake Projects Simultaneously

As opposed to “EA to Director, XYZ Sons and Co”

That’s 107 characters with spaces. You still have 13 more to say something else about you.

8 out of 10 people that visit your profile read the Headline. I am confident that your headline is much beyond your designation.

2 out of 10 people go on and read the Profile Summary. #LinkedIn gives you a 2000 character limit to play with.

Profile Summary- You in a Nutshell

  • What drives you?
  • What is your value system?
  • Which incident in your life had the most profound impact on you?
  • What do you look for in colleagues?
  • What do you understand by team work, collaboration and co-operations?

Demonstrate authenticity.

Don’t copy paste your CV; visitors will see plenty of it when they go deeper in the experience section. This is literally 2000 characters to talk about things that matter to you and present as more than a resume.

#LinkedIn is present in 200 countries and has over 530 million users. If there was any collaborative platform to promote each other, it is this.

Write so that you are able to leverage this medium. To break away from your usual thought process, to rediscover yourself and to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, get in touch with 21D Consulting at


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