Sometimes you got to create, what you want to be a part of.

Hum jahan khade hote hain, line wahi se shuru hoti hai (The queue starts from where I stand!)

Sometimes, we tend to take movie dialogues quite literally! Today, I was in a queue to submit my bags for security check-in while trying to catch a metro to office. This woman standing just behind, shoved me and kept her purse in the conveyor belt pushing mine. I couldn’t see the objective and tried to reason with her. The lady snapped at me and said “Shut Up! I am getting late”.

Everybody is in a hurry now-a-days so much so that there is a diminishing concern for others’ in general.

In the metro, I kept mulling over the incident; thinking about all the possible ways I could have gotten back at her. While I was thinking about it, I witnessed a very beautiful scene.

An old lady was carrying a large bag and she was looking around for a place to sit; or if anybody would notice and offer her their own seat. Suddenly, this little boy who was sitting with his mother got up and offered his seat.

My day was looking infinitely better.

I realised, that nothing matters if you cannot make someone smile, if you cannot be human to others.

Take a moment to think, did you make someone smile today?

Let’s shape the kind of world, we wish to live in.

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