Listen Clearly.

There’s this quaint little restaurant that has become a favorite with me. The food is great, the ambience blends in smoothly with the food they serve; the washrooms are below average and the waiters are so-so. It’s close to work, so every chance we get, we end up there.

The fact that the washrooms could be better doesn’t deter me or my troupe from going there. We barely have any conversation with the waiters and some of them are less than attentive. But even that doesn’t deter us from showing up.

What’s really great is the food- it’s soulful, nutritious and fulfilling; and it leads to great conversations. So these peripheral issues- the washrooms, the waiters and so on don’t really deserve notice.

In organizations too, a similar logic is at play.

When you are meaningfully engaged at work, are surrounded by diversity in thoughts and challenged by customers and resources, under the guidance of a good manager, the fact that the cafeteria food could be better or that the washrooms cleaner or the parking lot closer doesn’t become a talking point at the coffee unit.

Agreed that the two situations aren’t similar in their impact, but if your employees or team members are talking a lot about the hot water, the washrooms and the parking lot; high time you look within the organization for the solutions.

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