Lead to Conversion- ?

salesDid you know?

Account Management teams can reduce customer churn to below 1%.

I received an email from a vendor partner not too long ago.
“Dear A,

Trust you are doing well.

We have been trying to set this call up since last 3 weeks, however, due to some reason or the other it keeps getting pushed further. Please share if this is something I should keep a focus on or shelve it for now. Look forward. Many thanks.”
I feel this vendor’s frustration. It took me back to a conversation that I had with my coach not too long ago. I was particularly annoyed after the millionth call with a lead and no end in sight. I asked my coach – when do you know that a lead is dead?

He simply said, “A lead is never dead; it can only be cold. ”
This got me thinking. In that quirky disarming fashion of his, he continued; actually I can put it better. The lead can be cold, but the relationship should always be warm.

Each of us is a sales person. We are forever trying to sell a great perception of what it is that we do or of who it is we are. We try to influence others day in, day out. The influence wins us subscribers or followers.

The strategy is simple – warm and intimate cultivation; sustained and steady.

How do you cultivate a warm and intimate relationship with a lead?

  • Connect as people
    • If every call/email/ text is about when are we meeting next or I would like some clarity on this, the client feels cornered.
    • Give them space to breathe – Keep the relationship personable; rather than connecting over your product/ service, connect as people who can have a conversation
  • Nurture the relationship before worrying about the deliverable
    • Keep emails and messages open-ended. Asking a question like “is this a priority for you now?” is the death of free conversation.
      • It may not be a priority right now; but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in a couple of months. The client is going to remember you through quality conversations and not through brusque emails.
    • Close ended questions – keep for the specifics of the final deliverable; open-ended conversations help you get to know the client

Did you know that 72% of subscribers/ clients share a good experience with 6 or more people?

 The good experience starts with a great conversation. The next time you need to have “one of those never-ending follow-up” conversations with a prospective client – switch gears.

Don’t ask about the time, priority of project, deliverable, the next meeting; talk about what you are doing in the current space for their project, pick their mind, seek their opinion, just get into a conversation.

 Nothing might happen. But –

  1. You’ve earned yourself a reference for some other opportunity
  2. You are far easier to remember than other vendors

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