Find your Domino

Find your Domino

A friend of mine doesn’t react; just doesn’t react. His way of getting through life is to observe, absorb; all from an impartial perspective and then waiting for things to play out. Often tweaking a few things here and there to get to what he desires or in an attempt to help someone.

He seems to have understood and implemented the lynchpin concept- both in terms of becoming a lynchpin and of identifying potential lynchpins in all institutional spheres. Not to be surprised, he’s one of those people that most folks will approach when seeking solutions to both personal and professional issues.

The traditional definition of lynchpin is one what holds the entire process/ organization/ institution together. In the more contemporary sense, a lynchpin is one that starts a chain reaction and to begin with has no direct contextual relationship. To put it simply these are unforeseen circumstances that rapidly impact the current situation [political/ organizational/ institutional] in a rather dramatic fashion. Math based predictive models lend an air of certainty to this theory; the entire exercise is about finding that one domino that will make the rest fall.

Reverse the theory now.

Belonging to a nouveau rich family, a colleague took most things for granted- transportation, basic amenities, people, manners, vacations, and so on. It came as no surprise then that when her father lost all in business, life was inordinately hard. Today (10 years down the line), she’s successful in her field, is a nicer person than before (that’s what she claims) and is empathetic towards others. Her family is doing well now; they enjoy a decent standard of living.

The father’s loss in business was her reverse domino.

Else she would have continued with her decadent, irreverent lifestyle; and probably the world would have lost a potential “nice” person. Not too much at stake here, is it? Singularly this may not amount to much. But for all such people put together, there’s some sizeable niceness there that we would have missed out on.


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